Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Greetings and my vision for this blog

Hi! I'm Sarah, and welcome to The Scattered Librarian! I'm Access Services & Distance Learning Librarian at a small academic library in Oklahoma. I have created this blog to discuss two different but intertwined aspects of my professional life.

First, I plan to share my thoughts on the state of Librarianship today, with special attention to Distance Learning Librarianship, Library management, the future(?)of cataloging, The good, bad, and ugly of current ILS systems (isn't "ILS Systems" a redundancy?), career development, management issues, and the miscellaneous professional musings of a youngish "next-gen" Librarian who is still fairly new to the field.

Second, I plan to use this space to chronicle my experiences implementing the Getting Things Done (aka GTD)at home and at work. I probably don't look "scattered" to most casual visitors to my life, but this is out of force of will rather than any innate tendency to organization, as my mother can testify after seeing my room for 18 years. :-) I have to have a detailed, rigorous system to keep the physical and mental clutter away, and I care enough about attaining my goals in life to take up the struggle. I hope to share tips, struggles, and triumphs in my ongoing project of "unscattering", in the hopes they might be helpful to other GTDers as they implement their systems.

I know most people in the blogosphere have more feeds in their bloglines than they now how to handle, many of them consisting of little more than postbacks to other blogs. Unless I have thoughts about a post that are too detailed for that blog's replies section, and/or I find something in a relatively new or obscure blog, I promise this blog will offer you more than linkbacks. Soon I will be adding links to my favorite librarianship and productivity websites in the sidebar. I'll also be posting again soon with both a summary of my professional life to date and a outline of my current GTD implementation. My plan is to post weekly, alternating between my two topics, but I may well post more or less frequently as my schedule and current events dictate. Thanks for reading, I hope you like what you see, and I'm off to create next actions for my next updates! :-)

Thanks and Welcome,