Friday, July 21, 2006

GTD: @home collection device...

Ok. I'm in a fairly good place with my Outlook-based implementation of my Getting Things Done system at work--it's been running smoothly for about 2 months with only minor tweaks here and there. We'll see how she goes with the start of a new semester and all the new projects tht will entail, but right now I have a clean desk and an empty brain. (no snickering!!!) That said, I get home, and it's all random lists and clutter and piles of things here and there. I've tried to use one or more of the moleskine-style systems for an @not work collection/next action device, but it seems like it gathers dust in the bottom of my purse as often as not. My husband probably has to remind me half a dozen times to buy cat food, sweet, patient guy that he is!

I go through spates of "good behavior" every few months, and I love the calm vibe that comes from all my next actions being collected and addressed. (The clean coffee table is lovely too!) But when non-work life gets the least bit home systems are the first things to go out the window. I've pondered trying to merge my work and home collection devices and NA lists, but I'm not coming up with much short of getting a PDA. And I'm hesitant about spending a couple of hundred bucks on an energy gobbling toy that may be moldering away in a junk drawer 6 months later. I've got some ideas on this, but I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts.